Team Members

Khalid Alomar, Martin Labanic, Stefan Schielke, Patrick Webber


  • Problem: As young Canadians make their way through their formative years, many are unsure as to what career choices are available, what opportunities upon graduation there are for those choices, and should they pursue further education.
    Many of our youth have a misconception that they can take any program in university and they will come out with a booming job industry waiting to hire them.
  • Solution: helps Canadians make career decisions based off projected industry demand and desired geographical region of employment. This will help Canadian youth make more informed decisions while studying or deciding what to pursue as a career. This will not only help the Canadian youth but also the Canadian work force by pushing youth to pursue careers that will be in demand at the time of graduation.
  • Created using datasets for regions of British Columbia, summarized British Columbia, and summarized Canada. The app could easily be scaled out to include other provinces where they have datasets available.

Datasets used

Federal Data British Columbia Data